Mucyo Balinda, Swahili Court Interpreter

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Mucyo Balinda, Swahili Court Interpreter

December 18, 2018 Uncategorized 2

Mucyo Balinda, your Trusted Interpreter and Translator

Mucyo Balinda

A Journey of Determination and Language Mastery

Mucyo Balinda's journey began when he arrived in the United States as a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With limited English proficiency, he embarked on a dedicated pursuit of language mastery. Through ESL classes and self-study, Mucyo honed his English skills by immersing himself in books, radio, television, and conversations with friends. His passion for learning led him to publish three books, "The Road to Living Your Life to the Fullest", "Cerebrate" and "Give me Break!."

A Decade of Professional Expertise

For the past ten years, Mucyo Balinda has excelled as a professional interpreter and translator, serving diverse industries such as medicine, academia, finance, and the legal sector. He has collaborated with law firms and courthouses in counties including San Diego, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, Fresno, and beyond. Mucyo's commitment to his clients extends beyond California, as he readily travels to provide language services wherever needed.

Mucyo Balinda, Founder of Lingo On the Go

As the founder of Lingo On the Go, Mucyo Balinda has established a company dedicated to providing African language services to professionals across the United States. With his extensive expertise and linguistic proficiency, Mucyo is well-equipped to meet the communication needs of his clients.

 Unparalleled Skills and Client Focus

Mucyo Balinda's qualifications extend beyond fluency in multiple languages. He possesses a deep understanding of communication protocols, enabling him to deliver exceptional interpretation and translation services. Whether you require consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, sight translation, or document translation, Mucyo is prepared to assist you.

Mucyo expresses his great honor in facilitating important meeting communications and assisting clients in achieving their personal and professional goals. With his expertise, dedication, and commitment to exceptional service, hiring Mucyo Balinda as your interpreter and translator is a decision you can trust.

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  1. Dan Basil says:

    Hujambo Balinda,

    My name is Dan Basil and I am a native of Kenya. I recently graduated with my Masters in International Studies from the University of San Francisco in May. I am looking for a job now, but I found your website and read a little bit about your story.

    I currently live in San Diego and would love to get a chance to speak with you about how you have built your career in the United States. I do not mind speaking over the phone or over zoom, but I am also comfortable social distancing in person if that is something you would prefer.


    • mucyob says:

      Vipi mambo bwana Basil,
      How are things going? I’ll be glad to chat and eventually meet with you. Let me know when you are available. Sincerely,
      M. Balinda

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